September 20, 2016
September 20, 2016

Aroga Worldwide, CEO, Grove Bennett, Takes His Vision For Aroga Worldwide To Durban, South Africa, Thousands Were In Attendance.

Aroga Worldwide CEO, Grove Bennett, addressed over 20,000 TACC Members at King Zwheliti Stadium in Durban, South Africa, laying out his vision for product distribution throughout Africa.

INTELLIGENCE-FRONT-V3sinSeattle, United States – August 23, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ — Aroga Worldwide, CEO, Grove Bennett, addressed more than twenty-thousand members of The Twelve Apostles Church of Christ (TACC) on August 14th, at King Zwheliti Stadium, in Durban South Africa. Grove Bennett, accompanied by Internet Radio Host, Adam Broker, were in South Africa by the invitation of TACC’s Chief Apostle, and South African Businessman, Kessie Nair of Top Talk Marketing. The purpose of the visit was to highlight Mr. Bennett’s vision for Aroga Worldwide in South Africa, and neighboring African countries, and to outline a strategy for cooperation between Aroga, The TACC, and Kessie Nair.

“It was a true honor to receive such a warm, and heartfelt welcome from the Chief Apostle and all of the TACC Apostles in South Africa. This monumental gathering with The TACC Membership, and the partnership agreements being discussed, will be the cornerstone of the foundation to build Aroga into a household name throughout Africa. The TACC will play a major role in all of Aroga’s expansions throughout Africa. We couldn’t have aligned with a better organization than The TACC.” – Grove Bennett, CEO, Aroga Worldwide

Arogas’ Acu-Point Hologram Technology has already been well received in South Africa, and Aroga is ready to ramp up distribution to make sure that customers and distributors have a steady supply of Aroga’s products.

Aroga Worldwide, is one in a group of six companies under the umbrella of the Aroga Holdings Corp, a publicly listed company. Aroga Worldwide manufactures, and distributes Acu-Point Holograms. These Holograms, when placed on the strategic Acupressure Points (also called meridians) on the body, are believed by many, to help in supporting the body’s functions and help to maintain a harmonic and balanced body.

Mr. Bennetts Global vision for the Aroga Group of companies, includes creating a more synergistic relationship between all of the Aroga companies. For example, Aroga Worldwide, recently made an agreement with its Sister Division, Aroga Media, to market the Google Docs for Business Platform and make it available to Aroga’s Global Distribution Force. Aroga Media is an authorized reseller of the robust Google platform. Additionally, Bennett sees a solid benefit to adding products to Aroga Worldwide’ product offering, through its other Sister Division, Aroga Technologies. Aroga Technologies is a 28 year old distribution company that focuses on providing devices to individuals with special needs ¬ primarily in the blind and low vision product lines.

“I envision Aroga Worldwide, as a new-breed of Direct Sales company. Our partners and customers throughout Africa, and around the rest of the world, need relevant products, and powerful business and communication tools. With the support and synergy between our Aroga Family, we plan to grow Aroga Worldwide into a Global entity that provides unique opportunities for our Partners and Customers. .” ~ Grove Bennett

More about the Acu-Point Holograms:
Aroga’s Acu-Point Holograms are are small, portable and disposable. Each Quantum Infused Hologram is smaller than a US Quarter, and thinner than a postage stamp. The energy is infused into a design, that can best be described as a circuit, or chip technology. The Holograms stick to the skin with a non-allergenic adhesive, and can be worn as long as needed. Each Hologram is color coded to remind the user of which application the Hologram is recommended for. As a do-it-yourself product, the user not only benefits from the convenience of the Holograms, but can save considerable amounts of money using Aroga’s Acu-Point Holograms.

More about Grove Bennett:
Aroga CEO, Grove Bennett, has an extensive business resume. Having the experience of running private and public companies, from operations, manufacturing, business development, finance and customer relations. Bennett has worked within the major credit card and banking industries, and even headed up a team that developed training programs for Integrated Maintenance Training System (IMTS), a maintenance training system for the F/A:18 Fighter Jet and a $44MM Canadian contract to the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Australian Air Force.