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Aroga Holdings Corp.

Who is Aroga? Aroga is an organization that focuses on innovation, product & services to transform people’s lives today for a greater tomorrow. Through our acquisitions, intellectual capital and licensing arrangements we give hope to those that need it most. Our focus on assistive technology products help people live an independent life in a way that otherwise might not be achievable. We are committed to expanding through mergers and acquisitions in line with our vision surrounding improved health, wellness, sustainable profitability and the development of new innovative products creating intellectual property.

Aroga Holdings Corp. will prosper through strong leaders and independence. Our model is to have strong Presidents running each business, with support coming from the Aroga board of directors and myself. We will rigorously handle capital allocation and work to make sure each business is executing well. We’ll also make sure we have a great President for each business, and ensure that their compensation is in line with their experience and performance. In addition, with this structure we plan to implement segment reporting by 2017.

Aroga Holdings Corp is publicly listed on the OTC and can found on the EDGAR filling platform.

For further information, please contact:

Todd Ramsey
President, Aroga Holdings Corporation

Grove Bennett
Aroga Corp – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Our Values, Mission and Vision

Our Values

At the very heart of our company lies the shared values of our team. Working in harmony, our values shape our goals, focus our thoughts, unite our efforts and inspire us to realize our vision and achieve our mission.

Think Planet We love it … it’s ours and it’s the only one we’ve got. So we better darn well take better care of it! And we plan on doing just that … please feel free to join us!

Think Business We think of business as a collection of people. Not employees, not users, not managers nor owners. This comes from our desire to see business, like we see the world … people, people, people … and all living things of course. It requires us to be open, compassionate and a global citizen.

Think Bold The greatest change comes from passion and inspiration, neither of which are dull things. Wild, “out there” ideas can be made reasonable much easier that a tame, uninspired idea can be made great. The likelihood of scoring a touchdown is far greater than falling short of the end zone.

Think Team Our work is just too complex and multifaceted for any single being to “go it alone”. The Aroga Team is our inner strength. Each team member journeys towards their greatest potential through the help and challenges each other provide.

Think Long-Term Creating a roadmap for sustainable competitive advantage gives you a better chance of succeeding in the long run. Addressing enduring needs, changes in conditions down the road, and focusing on where you want to end up result in lasting solutions and sustainable success.

Think Actionable Knowing what to do about something is inexplicably more helpful than merely knowing something. A compelling call to action, followed with clear direction of what comes next, is what people depend on to succeed.


To help people and businesses throughout the world have a positive impact on our planet as they strive to achieve their full potential.


To be a global beacon that embodies the devotion required to forge a better, greener world for all inhabitants through innovative, sustainable technologies.


Aroga is Canada’s largest independent distributor of Assistive Technology products and services with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Alberta, and Ottawa with additional representation in Halifax NS and Regian SK; truly a National Company. Aroga’s technology and products helps individuals with various physical, sensory and cognitive issues perform daily tasks they would otherwise be unable to accomplish. Over the years the technology, assistance and training provided by Aroga as an end to end solutions provider has proven to assist individuals, families and businesses in both private and public corporations.

Aroga’s hardware and software is backed with an end-user life time toll-free technical support. With its own service department; Aroga will ensure maximum up-time and the fastest possible turn around on repairs providing an end to end solution for all your assistive products and services.

For the past 3 decades, Aroga has strived to help its clients attain independence and enhanced self-esteem. Through strategic partnerships with leading internationally recognized developers and innovators, Aroga helps to ensure that people reach their maximum potential.

Its business was founded in 1987 and more information about its products and services can be viewed at its website at www.aroga.com. This release includes forward looking statements, which are based on certain assumptions and reflects management’s current expectations. These forward looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from current expectations. Some of these factors include: general global economic conditions; general industry and market conditions and growth rates; uncertainty as to whether our strategies and business plans will yield the expected benefits; increasing competition; availability and cost of capital; the ability to identify and develop and achieve commercial success for new products and technologies; the level of expenditures necessary to maintain and improve the quality of products and services; changes in technology; changes in laws and regulations, includes codes and standards, intellectual property rights, and tax matters; the uncertainty of the emerging hydrogen economy; including the hydrogen economy moving at a pace not anticipated; our ability to secure and maintain strategic relationships and distribution agreements. The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

For further information, please contact:

Grove Bennett
Chief Executive Officer
Aroga Corp
1-905 -668-8886


Aroga Starnix is a 18 year old technology company that has been a leading supplier of Linux and open source solutions for mid and large-cap businesses. Our primary line of product offerings includes secure, Linux-based firewall & VPN servers, mail servers, database servers, and backup servers. Starnix continued to realize sustained growth in 2015 with its existing client base, as well as a number of notable additions.

For the eighth year in a row, Starnix has renewed maintenance and support contracts with every one of its clients. Of particular note, Starnix has entered into a three year agreement with the Linux Professional Institute - the world's leading vendor-neutral Linux certification body – to continue to maintain the organization's entire exam and certification track. We're pleased with the evolution of our relationship with LPI, enhancing and furthering lifelong professional careers in Linux and source technologies.

Of the many projects Starnix completes for its clients every year, a few always stand out due to their impact on the customer's business as a whole as well as the end user. Starnix' projects and clients include:


Education is a critical path to changing culture and gaining knowledge -- which leads to a greater quality of life. Having worked with education departments across Canada for over 20 years we identified a serious need to provide alternative methods to gaining an education.

In 2015 Aroga -- through its extensive commitment to education and working with the education departments, schools, educators and students -- established the Aroga Academy. Our goal is to support those with disabilities, be it physical, mental or restrictive due to remote locations. There is no other company better situated and understanding of the need for increased education requirements than Aroga Academy.

The Academy, is working with the Durham District School Board (Ontario, Canada) and has obtained over 70 courses that over the next few years will be fully implemented, developed and made available to those seeking an education that otherwise would not be possible.

The Academy will continue to develop over the 2016 & 2017 school years - adding course content and additional clients (school boards) to provide educational access to more students.


Aroga Media is a fully certified Google Apps reseller for both Business and Education. The Media division continues to support, promote and build on the Google Apps for Work platform focusing on the products, services available in this incredibly versatile and powerful suite of applications. As a Google Apps reseller, our business plan calls for a focus in both the commercial and educational markets. We are expanding our offering to offer sell and deploy Chromebooks to further support the educational market. Early in 2016 we completed the process to become authorized to sell Google Apps for Education as well as our present certification for businesses. Although the revenue and margin projections for this line of business are small relative to some of the other companies, we see enormous benefit in having Aroga Media partner with the other Aroga companies for shared services.


Last year, Aroga identified the need for global expansion and targeted an opportunity to acquire a Google Apps Reseller in Costa Rica. The addition of Proximita not only provides us with a Google Reseller Agreement in Latin America, but we are also excited to be able to explore providing our Assistive Technology products from Aroga Technologies to the Central American marketplace. From Costa Rica we can plan a controlled expansion for Aroga Technologies into the South American market. We are currently evaluating if Proximita can provide us this opportunity for expansion.

Our focus in 2015 was to complete the transaction and work with the existing clients of Proximita. In 2016 we will continue to assess the operations and customer base while ensuring we have the ability to improve the Google Services they experienced with previous ownership.

We will continue to assess Proximita's offerings and market opportunities in 2016 and beyond.